Training and Consistency

9/28/2015 Training and Consistency To stay consistent with your training success, there does not have to be a "one size fit all" format.  The strength of retention is to convey a message that there is not only one way to reach the goal.  The goal needs to be consistent with and staying within the scope … Continue reading Training and Consistency


Training and communication

Training and communication Communication, is the gel that holds all things together.  Verbal is by far most effective, when presented with a goal in mind.  Body language is left to the receiver to make the assessments to intent, important, however not the best choice in appraising.  When communicating the desired behavior, a supervisor needs to … Continue reading Training and communication

Training and feedback.

Training and feedback. Feedback takes on many forms.  One must be aware that feedback exists before any value can be attached,  If you take all things in consideration, any reaction to your action is feedback.  When accepting negative feedback, and not rationalizing the reason, all feedback could make the difference as to the feedback's value.  … Continue reading Training and feedback.

Training makes the difference. 

9/23/2015 Training is important to serve many purposes.  Two are to help in retention of staff and to ensure strong Customer Service, for Customer retention.  Most companies have spent large amounts of money in getting the training to employees.  There seems to be a trend to a culture value that is just something to make … Continue reading Training makes the difference. 

Encouragement, the ultimate “motivator”.

When there is a idea, thread, or goal in sight, all motivation comes from  the self.  However, there seems to be other factors, to widen the scope and direction of the said idea, thread, or goal.  The mind works in such a fashion, that things begin to get more "out there", which makes thing impossible … Continue reading Encouragement, the ultimate “motivator”.