Where are the answers?

Today, there is a problem.  On Facebook, a post showed a row of skeletons, each had a tag as to who they were, “black, white, Christian, Jew, and so on”.  As observed they all looked alike.  The point was that we are all the same.  To take one more step, you could put the rest of the body to it.  Nude or clothed, and you should make the same observation, “they are all the same.”  The difference in people is found in when they open their mouths.  That is the only time, one should be making judgments.  Those judgments should not be on the person, but on the views that they find to be important.  And at that, the judgment could be that of agreement or disagreement.  Enjoy what others have to say, for there is a lesson to be learned.  Find the lesson, and your eyes will allow you to see the skeleton.



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