How many fingers do you see?

Living in this day in age, seems to be more complex than 50 years ago. There was a time when there was a common respect for everything,  This respect filtered over onto that which we did not like, understand, nor cared.  Yes, it could be said that we were more isolated and buffered, in those times, however, the lack of caring and concern was not abandoned.  As the World became more dense, and rapid growth in technology, caused our buffer zone, to shrink.  Freedom became the area in which we could swing our elbows around in a crowd.

Today the complexity, has taken on the premise of ‘you need to fix my problem, and if you don’t I will sue you’.  Coupled with that premise, there are people, that seem to want to point to facts of others’ shortcomings, and lack of concern for their victimhood. Choose any situation that seems to, “not be right”, and you will find a lack of common sense, education, and the fear of choice.  Use of the finger to place blame, requires vision as to the source of the problem.  I once learned early in life that you can only define something that you see in the mirror.  Without seeing. you find it hard to define.  With the daily thought, keeping this in the forefront, restraint of judgement, allows clear thinking.

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