Many Minds, Many Thoughts. Is that “two” Many, or “too” Many?

Today, is where you want to be.  What better time in History, to live than NOW?  Access to technology alone, connects us to each other through the senses.  You read something, you react, mentally, and immediately, then think it through.  With that said, we have the first two stored in our minds,(and computer) to revisit as desired.  That brings us to the “thinking it through” aspect.  Thinking, is automatic, with the computer in your Head. The “through” exercise requires your taking over the keyboard in that Head computer. Already, just reading this, that Head computer, has accomplished more tasks than you will attempt for the entire day.

Listening to today’s current events, overworks the “thinking it through”, to new levels. The opinions aired, makes you wonder, where this person is coming from.  For many there is the illusion that they are worthy the command to other people.  Yet, still, we listen and wonder.  Keep in mind, that Truth, and Fact, is not important.  Many, have found a new niche for being outrageous, find an audience, then expand to the point of “WHAAAT?”.

One more thing.  Think about the events of the day.  extract  your opinion and judgement.  With that done, develope the mantra, to bring the focus needed to exist.  Try it and give me feedback.




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