Is there a need for a reality check?


I was born in the United States of America, educated in Public Schools, served in the Military.  After all of that I was guided to obtain a Degree in Music Education, and taught in Public Schools.   Why is this important?  The need for Reality is making sense of “how it started”, “what position is the present” and well, the ending is yet to be attained.  The meaning is there to be seen, and only part of this World.

The accepted:

Ask any question, The answer will be in fact, easy for you to understand and accept.  Life on Earth, as a Human Being, what is known as Reality has no meaning and does not exist.  What does exist, can not be seen by the eye.  Therefore, all is only known to be, what is seen.

For you:

Everyone, has a line at which they navigate through life.  All, seem to have a similar path, yet with variation.  The answers are shared with those who ask.  And yet, we cover all that is not real yet seen.


Daily, we are bombarded, by all things, seen in our Communities, States, Counties, and The World.  All that which is seen, offers opportunity to search for the fact.  Our education system has been taken over by fearful, individuals, not wanting to develop free thinking individuals.  Without free thinking, dependency becomes the norm.

Reality Check:

The seen, will not be with you at the appropriate moment, and may not be a factor.  Seek Truth, in your Heart, and share that which is Real with others.  Not all are to accept The Real, however, those who do will understand and share in a very unique manner.



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