Could a Master, know?

Mary and Christ

The photo was taken with my Cellphone, no Flash.  I was amazed.

A Master goes about the day, doing whatever one would master, and without thinking of the impact, seems to be oblivious to the outcome. Outcome could take on many facets that require the “impacted” to find the the relationship. The relationship, is there, as a message, wanting to be realized. Realizing the message, and closing the loop.

At he time of the photo, there was a focus to the Work of Art. Many hours have been in observing pictures and studies of this piece. However, at the time of the picture, the following stimuli hindered the true study. Location, People, Awe, Time, Events. Having the opportunity to be there, was the Awe. There seemed to be more. Most realized after the event.

The guided hand of the Master, worked with purpose, without outcome. Could the Master have been impacted the same as I?





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