The Path Continues

The United States of America, born out of a “more clear” sense of Freedom.  This movement, at the time, was very progressive and out of the norm.  The belief is that there had been, and still is, a guiding Force behind this experiment in Freedom.  Thomas Jefferson, in his efforts to Author a document that would be a guide to the Future, may have omitted the checks and balances pertaining to Greed, purposely, to allow growth, understanding, and common sense thinking.

Our representative government concept, has been injured and needs attention.   The Doctor may be found in The Citizens who wish order to be restored.  Action is critical, and is apparent, with a very positive action in this last election.  Our choices may be limited, however, the Key is in ‘doing the best with what you have’.  (The American Way)

There is a process that may find a check on the “Greed” factor, with our representatives. This process is that of limiting the amount of power that can manifest itself in those who represent.

As in all good things, there is a small spark, much like that of the magic of conception, will happen, and development to take place without affecting the concept of representative government.    Take the time to analyze what you understand of the state of affairs at our Nation’s Capitol.  Are you willing to Defend Freedom?


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