The Path may have a fork

You just can’t have a path without a fork.  If you follow certain paths, we will meet.

Freedom is the a key.  If you travel to any country, and observe the citizens, you may find little difference between them and yourself.  Closer observation will reveal a difference that is not really visible, however, present.

In America, we will find that the gel, that holds us together is the representative system, we call Government.  As mentioned before this system promotes a sense of Power and feeds Greed.  Due to a misconception of Public Servant, some have closed their mind as to who is to be served.  The need for term limits is now at hand, with the only solution to be found in the people.

Over the years, there is something in the Constitution of the United States, that addresses the subject, yet has been redefined to facilitate the need for Greed.

A thought for Limits: Run for two terms, Server the time, Sit out for two terms, Run again, in another district.

The best of  the Representatives will filter to the top.  The problem with Greed and Power, will go only to those who Scam the system, and will be exposed.

Another key, is to listen to your Heart, be a billboard of yourself, and make a difference.



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