The Path, the added fork.

Where are you going?  WHAT?!!!

This is a major question for many who live to preserve Values.  We the Representative Republic, needing to be restored, and are looking for an answer to ‘where to start’.  The efforts of Donald Trump, have been many and seem to be on track with those who voted to elect him.  A huge question is ‘Why was all so accepted eight years ago, and such a  problem today?’.  Putting the people back in control is the key to restore the Values that this Great Country was founded.  Our system of representation, has been redefined, and needs to be back in the hands of the Citizens.  Representative of the people, needs to be a service to the people, and not a career.  Making the appeal of the position, just enough to allow a person interested enough to do it for a short while.

Here is the Truth.  This is NOT a political statement.

Bernie Sanders, if elected President of the United States, in 2016, would have been the first Jewish person, taking residence in public housing, vacated by a Black Family.  Bernie has never held a job.


Keeping in the realm of sanity, remember that our purpose it to serve others.  When we loose site of our Purpose, we loose site of Others, and without others we have nothing.



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