Destructions of the Today II (Current Events)


As we go about our day, making sure that we are fulfilling our own needs, and securing the essentials, there are Victims, on the same day, fulfilling others’ needs.  There seems to be this need to inform the World that there is something wrong, and it is time to fix it.  Well, ” YOU FIX IT I’M TO BUSY!”.

History, is unique, and has no desire to be changed.  History, is a guide to who we are, and how we evolve.  History can be the greatest influence to where your future will affect History.  All that has happened in the past has happened, and can not be erased, nor can it be changed.  As your mind has thought, your efforts to forget, become nearly impossible.

Victims will always be there. to receive whatever is given, with no desire to share themselves.

VICTIMS’ CREED: “For whatever happens, that I feel, gives advantage to others, is that which, others need to alter their behavior, in order, for me to have the advantage.”

Do you think that there are too many books being written?



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