There is another Path to:

There is another pair just like these somewhere.

The strength in living is having a BASE.  Without a base, one has a tendency to travel much, for a long time to find that there is no destination.  Today, we find that many are caught up in the baseless journey.  What has become important, honest and the true, is being put aside to fulfil the desire of those, feel you need to travel with their map. Whatever issue there are many sides.  One is to believe what is right and another is to agree and all be wrong.

If one, has an opinion, that is a good thing.  Making the decision that your opinion is best, is keeping others from meeting you in the middle.  There is no “Zero Sum Game “, to make things even.  In fact, there is not a way to make things even.

When all is said and done, the connection to your Creator, is what really matters and you will find the other path.  With that Path, you will find true serenity, confidence and Peace.



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3 thoughts on “There is another Path to:

  1. I’d rather not compromise my opinions but would rather collaborate with like minded people to create an environment more suitable to our ideals and beliefs.


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