Questions: For those who refuse to think.

Given the information continuum of today, there are certain topics that are given as News and then expanded without facts.  The expansion of information uses conjecture and opinion.  This was proven with a News account by a “trusted” Journalist.  As was heard reviewed and re-reviewed, the opening of their report was, “Imagine if. . . “

  • When have important decisions occurred after only one meeting?
  • Is there consensus when two or more parties have opposing viewpoints?
  • When does compromise benefit only one position?
  • When will there be a Win-Win situation, as the goal is to give up nothing?
  • Are there People in any elected position, that could be as EVIL as the narrative expresses?
  • Is it possible for some people to actually believe what they hear, without consideration of a moral tenant?
  • When will Truth be supported by facts?
  • Where does Legality make a difference in interpretation?

There is not any message here, however, I do wonder if there will be a free, United States of America within the next 20 years.  You may wonder and find the answer in the country of Veniszualia.


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