Where are the Clowns?

Like a 5-cent Postage Stamp so is it with the Circus.
Oh, this is the day that will bring the Laughs. One would think that the Circus was a memory. Wait, it is a memory. We have let some clowns dictate to us what we need to accept as Entertainment. As one who was on the inside of a Circus, I will have to admit there are bizarre happenings.  In the United States, the Circus was an annual event, families would set-up as a thing to do.  Anyone with the Circus would experience a different lifestyle.  With the mode of travel, which is mainly a train.  Major Acts would have their own car, and Cast would live like in a Dorm or Barracks.  With all that the experience is unique and you learn a lot about yourself as well as other people and many cultures.  Life in the Circus would allow one to experience a four-year education in about 10 months.  Please be aware that everyone with the show, had a vested interest in each and every other person.  The same could be said about the Animals that mad up the Menagerie.  You, as a member of the Cast, would depend on the animals as part of your family.  Trainers had a job to ensure the best performance, as what was expected.

Today, there is no Circus to enjoy, a number of clowns with good intention decided to be the voice for a part of the cast that was the mystic of the Show.

Ladies, and Gentlemen, and Children of all ages, in the past, you may have gone to the Circus, hold your memories near your Heart, as many will never have the opportunity.  In the Center Ring, the Clowns will sweep up what remains.

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