Life in The Box.

All too often we are subjected with the idea of not being relevant. Let’s face it, there are many people in the world and each is individual.  How many times have you looked a person or a photo, and instantly recognized the image as looking just like some you have seen before?  This may have happened in many instances, without ever held into memory.  That is The Box.  The Box is nothing more than the Universe bound up in your mind reacting to your senses. Not such a bad thing, however, that is what it is.  Being bound to the Earth as a Human Being, you are limited to how far you can extend.  Due to that fact, we tend to be very happy with where we are.  Again, not a bad thing but, that is what it is.  Where then would you wish to be and try to make understandable? 

In The Box, you are restricted by not making experiences reach beyond the senses. The presence of taste, touch, sight, and sound hold you to the box and requires you to react.  Try not to react, and you may be transformed into another plane which at best, will seem odd.  Repeated oddities may bring on that which would seem normal, and once there, experience that which should not be shared.  As abstract as this may sound, fear would be a natural reaction, due to the unknown.  Reaching beyond The Box will only happen with that which is the reason for “being” in the first place.  In searching for that reason, one would begin with finding the “Light” within.  It is said that there is a tiny spark which occurs at the inception of Human Life.  This light is so quick, that the action can only be experienced with a drastic slowing of a digital video record of the action.


The series of events which happen after the spark seems unreal.  Keeping that in mind, the end result is another person whose image one may recognize.    

We refer to life as being in a box. We exist because there is a box.


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