The Exception may not be better.

John Wilson

Being born in the United States, there are things that were taken for granted.  There is a never wavering constant that holds the concept of Freedom a force to stability.  Freedom to a young boy in the Fifties is being able to go play anywhere and for as long as he wished.  Be back for Dinner with the family and all is fine.  Go to school and learn whatever he wished.  Be a part of an organization that fits his stand and view of the World.  Serve his country in the Military and contribute to factors that were the reason for founding such a way of life.  If being born in another Country, the act of living would not be too much different.  You live where you are and adapt to whatever stimulates you.

In the United States, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness had been set up as the main thrust of being an American.  The Constitution of the United States acts as the map to which one can achieve those three simple truths.  There should be later contributions which may give clarity to:






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