No Place to Hide: What is the point?

Looking for the hiding place is just the beginning of finding the meaning of Politics.  The process of obtaining and utilizing information has been a means for which man has maintained an edge over all situations.  With the birth of the Group Dynamic, the means at which one tries to persuade others produces the false sense of knowledge.  Use of this knowledge allows one to interject untrue points which are used to justify the means.  In certain circles, this false knowledge is presented as the solution to better the lives of those seeking an advantage.  There are countless events where the use of the advantage required an allegiance which created a collar to restrict.  This restriction transforms the allegiance offered to a lesser of freedoms.  Restriction of freedom keeps a group enslaved with a chance to hamper progress.  Once this is realized, the use of excuses and finding fault with others becomes a justification for behavior.  A group caught up in this cycle, soon find themselves in the production of stagnation.

In an attempt to break the cycle, success is rooted in the act of making a choice.  Thus, taking one out of his or her comfort zones.  The strength of an individual may be measured by their ability to leave conventional thinking and entertain a view which seems abstract.  Here in the United States, there has been a group such as this that has professed to be a champion to some in exchange for a perceived advantage.  With the perceived advantage, believed to be for all has proven to be that which has been offered to the ones who have gained political status as part of the Leading Class, and thus leaving the majority of individual to fend, alone, for themselves.

The Status Quo is beginning to weaken as the perceived advantage is viewed to be not with reason and common sense.  The ones that are reaching out of the comfort zone, are not of the majority, and will not expose themselves for their bravery.  Only time will reveal the impact the brave individuals have begun.

The future will be expressed and upheld, only with Truth and facts of reality.  The falsehoods of today are sustained by a hatred of an opposition that has desires to equality.  This hatred is fueled by jealousy and greed.  The time has come for those making decisions should be allowed to promote growth for all the citizens, according to that which is right and not based on how a group feels about what is True.

Now is the time for you to consider where and what direction should be adopted to promote strength and honor.

Once committed, a sense Right will prevail to where one will prosper, all will reap a benefit.


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