Brave Souls

Today began with seeming to be a typical day.  All went the other way with just one incident.  At the end, there were things to do and this popped up.
Black people are S_ _T
Emmanuel Rockan

Our past blog posts have toyed with the concept of breaking the molds and thinking for oneself.  With conviction, Emmanuel has stepped up to not hide his bravery.  His site is a worthwhile trip.

With the current events, there has been a step taken to show how an Exception takes form.  All people pay Taxes, and for the most part, most Taxes are fair and acceptable.  This week in the United States, the Tax Code, or Rules, were presented, voted on and have been revised.  The Buz leading up to the day of passage, if you were listening, claimed that the country would lose revenue and cause massive decline.  Many claims made reference to only certain types of people would receive all the advantages and the little guy would be crushed with a burden.

Upon the new law being signed, some major companies in the United States increased the income of their employees with a better wage as well a bonus.  By the way, the employers were the privileged ones that would be the advantaged.  With this great windfall for the employees, there is one little problem.  The groups that were trashing the new Tax Code, were the same that would be receiving the pay raise and bonus.

There seems to be a need for an answer to a tricky question.  If, in fact, this legislation such as to hurt so many people, should the one receiving a great benefit, decline their raises and bonus?


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