Twas the day before Christmas

Today is the day I have been waiting for.  It is the end of a very depressing period, starting with Thanksgiving.

  Here are some reasons:

  • People saying Criss-mus.
  • Having the Media, Hype snow in the South.
  • Finally, having a reason to go to Church.
  • Feeling a need buy something you want and giving it to someone else.
  • Having to listen to 35 variations of “I’ll be Home for Christmas”.  most of them nowhere near to the original.

Today, if I were in Sweden, you would be celebrating Christmas by first watching old American movies and cartoon.  Taking a break when they draw all the Lotto tickets.  Eating a wonderful meal. Of course, there is the aroma that keeps you in anticipation. Then you Open presents, celebrate a little more.  Then finish off the evening with Watching “It’s a Wonderful Life, with Jimmy Stewart.  Tomorrow would be the day to go Skiing.

I present this, not to offend, but to look into what happens when you get bored.  I am really looking forward to Christmas Day and all the things that go along with it.  The Gifts represent an homage to a start of a whole new World.  The things to remember is that all people are on this Earth for a reason.  Your reason should be to accept the fact that they are part of your reason.  Please take the time to Pray for ALL THE CITIZENS of the World.



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