Where are you this Christmas?

Christmas Message for 2017.

Why should I ask that question?  First, you are there. Second, it is none of my business.  I feel that there may be some value to look at my Christmas.  Christmas to me is an event that happens every day in my life.  The fact that sleeping, resting, and mending occur with little or no failures and morning brings a beginning to a continued life.  The gifts begin with seeing the puppies, ready for a walk, and that is only the beginning.  For the rest of the day, there are encounters with varied and numerous people that seek my counsel.  Nothing I have to offer has any value, other than reassurance of a choice with favor.  The mere act of keeping items of need available, all seems inconsequential to the reality of the manner in which these items are used.

The three things that have become a driver and mantra to extending one more day to a life could be summed up with:

  • Never let them see your pain.
  • Seek to be aware of theirs.
  • Have no fear for your life.

My blessing is knowing The Faith that holds me to this Earth and connected to my Creator.  I was unaware of the gifts that appeared when I posted my first Blog.  The individuals that viewed sometimes liked and were brave enough to follow this nonsense are truly a gift beyond any understanding.  To you with deep appreciation I extend the gratitude of your presence.

Merry Christmas.  May you find a meaning in this and all that you endeavor, for that is the where the Spirit of Christmas dwells.



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