Questions: Senseless answers

Most of the question that asked have the answer embedded in the question.  There may be something that makes sense to you.

Why would an elected official ask an expert about a Mars probe landing; ‘Will we be able to see the flag left by the Lunar expeditions?’

Another elected official informed us; that the people getting a tax cut and having more money to spend will go hungry and starve.

Many misinformed persons are repeating the same lies hoping that you will change your opinion.  Is that not the reason for them repeating the same lies?

Where will the answer to the immigration problem in the United States of America be found?  Could it be in the definition of Illegal?

Could the willingness of some “LEADERS” to eliminate the Constitution of the United States of America, be found in their misunderstanding of Freedom and Laws?

Why would the same people who accepted a President who continued to undermine the “Will of the People”  be the ones that want to eliminate a President and those people who expressed their Will?

Is it not understood that the Truth can be Ugly and Distasteful?

Why would anyone what to live in a country that is just like the country where they just came from?

Why does Healthcare need to be so expensive that only the Government can pay for it?

Think about it!  If I were poor, would Free Healthcare ensure that I would continue to be poor?  The only people that would get richer would be the government workers that administer the Program.   I think that being poor would ensure my NOT getting a job with the Government.

Would being a representative of a neighborhood, constitute me having a job or being of service to those of my neighborhood?

Don’t you think that this is enough Questions with Senseless answers?


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