One instance of the old ways.

In 1955 the economy in Indiana was weakening, and many families felt the need to find another place to try and start anew to survive.  Such was the plight of one family.  Dad left for a few months to find a place for relocation.  The place that seemed to be the best place was in central Tennesee.  Moving to the South, understanding the Culture was odd.  You needed to have a respect for everyone, by responding with Yes Sir or Yes Ma’am.  This seemed to be so touchy, you would have difficulty with the proper time to use such a term of respect.

On one quiet day in June or July with the heat and towards the end of a long and busy day, the most improper moment happened.  This day was great for a young son as he had the opportunity to travel with his Dad helping with the work.  At one stop, there was a man who was known as a lower worker, encountered the Dad, and for that split second. the response of respect was uttered, which raised the ire of two of the men in charge.  With that honest slip, the two proceeded to beat the Dad, calling him vulgar names and rebuking him for showing respect to a lesser man.  All had happened so fast, the reaction of the Son, to come to the aid of his Father, was held by the lesser man, who explained that it would be best to let all things happen as they would and allow all to work out for the best.

Within just a few minutes, that seemed to be an hour, the two were finished with the Father and informed him to “Never Call a Niggar Sir!”  Those words, to this day, Ring and repeat as if they were yelled now and right here.  This experience for many could have a lasting impression.  As the impression was lasting, it created only the most positive reaction.  For with our past experiences, purpose, and reason have an opportunity to reveal themselves at any time in a lifetime.

As the Son matured, experienced many and varied events that seemed to force the recall of that strong and pointed statement.  There seemed to be a need to discount the word ‘Never’ to use ‘Always’.  The Son was not a student of Justice nor really had a desire to be aware Right or Wrong, but deep down inside there was a voice that guided action to be there with the utmost of Respect, no matter the situation.

When an individual has experiences that require a moral judgment, there is plenty of room to make a decision to act or react in a manner to be negative or positive.  Where  there are situations that are life-changing, find it within yourself to FREEZE and weigh the options first and choose actions that would result in a positive and peaceful outcome.

There have been many people, who have had experiences much like this young boy, excited to be with his Father and sharing work and time together.  For many, the pain and reason for Hate would make this event of little or no significance.  All of us have had to endure those instances that Hurt.  No person alive will be able to escape.  With all that is going on in the World, each and every one of us needs to reach out and find in our Hearts that the past has a lesser effect on our Now than our actions now have on the Future.


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