Where to find Limits: If there are any.

We seem to go through life with an eye focused on the limits.  We harbor thinking like ‘Where do I begin?  ‘Is this all there is? ‘How much more can I take? ‘Will there ever be an end to all this?  ‘I can’t take any more’.  Are there answers to these questions, and with the ending statement?

Our Creator has answers to all questions.  Take time to imagine an abstract reason for “man” the being.  As The Creator, you just finished a project to fit into a large area of Darkness with no end.  As a Creator, you can do that.  Your first form is a large ball of fire that, consumes energy, yet at the same time produces more matter to consume.  “COOL”  There seems to be a need to have a pattern to repeat the process, which will have a future meaning.  This big ball of fire seems to have a need to be accompanied by a group of Big Rocks that seemed to be attracted and began to revolve around the big ball of fire as if being attached by a long string.  Again, you can do that, if you are a Creator.

With knowing that Mathematics exists, just not understood yet, one of The Rocks attached to the Ball of fire begins to spin.  This action is so precise that the timing allows a phenomenon of heating and cooling to produce condensation, causing clouds of moisture.  Wow, again.  The Creator total in wonder waits to see what happens.  This Rock, due to the distance from that big ball of fire, begins to take on a personality and feels the need to protect itself.  Oh, I forgot, The Creator in making this rock, developed a system much like the big ball of fire, right in the middle of this rock.  Part of the protection of this rock is that the surface exposed to the large area of Darkness seemed to desire to maintain a medium temperature.  To maintain that balance the “inner fire” would react up or down, as a means of protection.  Well, the rock seemed to be fine until it sensed a problem of continued existence.

There needed to be a means of holding all this action of balance close to the surface.  The Rock developed a bubble of material that would allow much of the product from the Big Ball of Fire to enter in and yet hold, under the bubble the product of the clouds.  As a Creator, you can do that.  Of course, a modification to the bubble showed a need to make a hole in it.  The hole existed just not understood yet.



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