Where to find Limits: If you look for them.

This rock seemed to take on more than a personality.  There were events happening with extremes in all directions.  The balance to maintain existence loomed within and vast expansions took place which progressed without explanation.  As knowledge appeared the fact of the spinning was so exact that objects of weight would stay in place until moved.  Again, the balance so crucial to the point of moving any faster, things would fly off.  This is nothing compared to the action of a complete stop without warning.  Knowledge was present, just not understood yet.  As a Creator, you can do that.

All the heating, cooling, spinning, orbiting continued to progress with amazing results. The Creator noticed that this ball of fire and the rocks attached through space were beginning to act with a sense of order.  As an act of respect, Mathematics presented the explanation to these actions and continued to offer steps to understanding.

Within time, (just as a term for reference) physical patterns appeared as though Life and progression were becoming present.  The areas that were not covered with water began to expose transform with the exposure of plant life.  As the Mathematics gained a power to explain, plants began to form into many and varied shapes and textures. each taking on the importance of a specific value.  The variations were present and  The Creator allowed all to progress in accordance with a purpose.  A purpose was present but not understood yet.  As a Creator, you can do that.


  • A rock with an internal fire acting as a Heart, a Bubble acting as a shield to the effects of the Large Ball of Fire, exposing Life to items that have a purpose.
  • Would that alone, not make this rock strive to secure existence into eternity?




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