Where to find Limits: Are there any?

Our Creator has begun with sculpting some rocks, space for all to frolic and progress, with an ever-changing need to seek purpose.  And, with all the elements on the surface of the Rock with a fire in the middle, the norm is to develop a purpose.  The idea that the Rock needs to survive, had set up the premise that all things need to be dedicated to a purpose.  That which is embedded holds the desire to survive to the point of meeting a purpose.  Where the question reveals the answer of finality is accepting the act of sacrifice in the name of the good of the Rock.  The cycle continues to elevate life, development, a point of purpose, and sacrifice.  A cycle that is vital to survival and LOVE.  Yes, Love.  As a creator, you can do that.  Mathematics, survival, purpose, sacrifice, and Love were all present just not understood.


If by chance, this and previous posts have kept your interest, there is a need to alert you to the next offerings which may give you a moment of uncomfortable unease.  When there is ever the need to inject the concept of Man, Humankind, or the being with The Spirit, clashes of belief and understanding raises questions that peer up and create tension.  As a warning, this may be an emotion that may cause a judgment of a writer adjusting the mirror a bit to bend what has been understood for centuries.  If by chance the unease is great enough to last into the future, so be it.  On the other hand, closing your mind and taking the bait, may prove to be entertaining if not provocative.  As a creator, you can do that.



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