Where to find Limits: Could be the answer.

The Rock with the fire inside was destined to expand with varied lifeforms that accepted their purpose to sustain existence.  Each and every unit sat ready to fulfill that purpose.  The knowledge and ability to mold a new form that would hold all that the Creator possessed, with little guidance from that Creator, to use and develop their Purpose.  This new form would be the only and closest example of the Creator, which differs from other forms by having and holding the Spirit of the Creator.  Having the need to mold perfection, and this may or may not provide an off-norm series of events from another angle.  The one mechanism that would separate and sustain this new form would be Genetics or the presence of a chain of matter.  All the components of this new form were present but not understood yet.


  • If the first model had an extra rib, a chain of matter would appear in a specific manner to define that Model.
  • The number of ribs would define a difference between the two models
  • The taking of a rib to mold the added Model would change the chain of matter in the original.
  • That rib would carry the original chain of matter to exercise other differing traits needed to fulfill the purpose. With that, the matter would appear in a varied specific manner.  As a Creator, you can do that.

The Creator had programmed the progress of this new form and understood how these creatures would test and extend the limits of being, as they were an exact replica of the Creator and sharing the same Spirit.  As a Creator protecting all forms of this Rock with the Fire in the middle would require continued monitoring.  The monitoring was a means of understanding for the beings to acknowledge the Creator.  Sharing the Spirit ensured a basic premise that the beings would choose to exit from the Creator to explore the actions of a creator.

Many of those times and events of exit would at times be disasters, yet, others would result in events that would amaze and change the future of the Rock with the Fire in the middle.



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