Where to find Limits: If to be found.

The Creator had put everything in place.  As the Rock with the fire in the center would maintain a balance of water to land, protect itself from all that would attack the balance and yield to whatever all inhabitance felt best to take from the Rock.  The vegetation assisted the Rock by providing a product of support and to give freely as their sacrifice, a source of energy for anything that would consume it.  The creature of the wild would provide a product to support the vegetation, seek the need to consume when necessary and even allow to be consumed by other creatures living on the Rock.  The fact that many and varied life forms, each with a purpose coupled with a sense of sacrifice, were present, and were given an explanation and definition by the new human form.  The last addition was a creature that would possess Love, Compassion, with a power to reason, and desire to inquire, that is The Creator.

The New Human Form began to expand not only the numbers that existed but a curiosity to find meaning and use of all the other life forms.  With each occasion of discovery, the New Human Form would expand an understanding towards a future for that which was discovered.  These moments would bring about knowledge with a new seed to explore other uses.  The Creator in giving to the Human Form a Spirit to share, understanding that all are related and held together with the strength of Love. The only command from the Creator was that The New Human Form would Love the Creator as the Creator loves all that is created.  As a Creator, you can do that.


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The “Limits” have taken on a life of their own.  Each offering seems to open the door for expansion with a seemingly unending experience of new concepts.  With that, you will get a break, with extensions in the future.


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