From the passenger seat of a BMW

Yesterday, there we were traveling Southbound on the Centralbron in Stockholm.  As I remembered and off to the right, the City Building with the Bell Tower brought back memories of Venice Italy and that Belltower landmark.  The site was beautiful as we whipped along viewing all the water and that dusky sky with the Sun holding on to extend the day.  We went over the bridge and down into the tunnel.  The weather was cold and a bit misty but the road was safe and we were clipping along at a steady 120 kph.  In the tunnel, the lights caused a flashing sensation with a rhythm that could almost hypnotize.  Ascending out of the tunnel and over the bridge and in less than a few kilometers, there is was the Globen Centrium, and low and behold the New Stadium, that reminded me of The Dallas Cowboy’s, Jerryworld Stadium in Arlington Texas.  Wow, what a site to see.  It was around 5:20 pm, the Sun was holding on to offer light for just a few minutes more.  At this time of the year, the Sun becomes the master and you are the slave to darkness.  It seemed eager to hang on for just a little longer.

Only a few moments passed while traveling the Nynosvagen, to come upon the exit on “73” for Haninge, a small town South of Stockholm.  First to the Convenience store for CO2 for the seltzer gadget.  While our driver went in to shop, we stayed in the car to talk about the job and where the future may take us.  With the driver back, we are off to another store.  This was an upscale Big Box Store much like IKEA.  We gathered up some silverware and glasses, then off to check out.  I was able to talk to the girl at the register and returned to the car.

We took a short drive to the ICA MAX, grocery store.  The memories started when we drove up, and I had noticed that the store had been expanded and redesigned.  It was great to walk thru the doors and see all the variety of goods they had to offer.  The Meat Department was fabulous with a wide selection of meats and Fish. (It is Sweden, you know.)   Next, we visited the Produce Department and there the selection was greater.  Mellons from Spain, Citrus from Chile, all choices were from all over the World.  I assisted my hostess in choosing a Melon and explained what to look for and how to assess ripeness.

In this entire time not once did I see any persons other than my host and the girl at the check-out at the housewares store.  At this point. we had spent over an hour visiting and experiencing our time together.  Sadly we were needing to end our time together as the list for shopping was on the phone.

We said our goodbyes and disconnected.  As you might figure out I was here in Irving, Skyping with my Daughter.  How I love today’s technology, as we can BE THERE, anywhere in the World, and as close as really being there.  I really thank you for taking the time to read this, as having a chance to talk to the family has great benefit to any one’s spirit.

We are truly blessed with the best in life and what it has to offer.  Even with all that which could get in the way of happiness.


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