This could be: Where we may see? II

Taking the time to savor significance is for the weak and unsure.  In this day in age, the important move is the next app that will outsmart the next contribution.  And so it goes in the World of Technology.  There is significance in the need for the Circle.  No matter where you begin, you will always end up where you began.

Keep in mind that in the old days, and just maybe only 40 years, your monitor was a black screen with green or orange lettering.  The communications with the processing unit resembled a cryptic series of statements that did not resemble reality.  The physical makeup of these (machines) was large, heat generating monsters and many utilizing the latest in vacuum tube technology.  These Relics of the past were useful, in calculating large amounts of information and spitting out answers for analysis.  The technicians of that era were looking for ways to make something happen.

The early printers were mechanical marvels with letters much like a typewriter. (??) Oh, a  typewriter a manually operated printer at which a computer keyboard attached to a series of levers and bars that would attack a piece of paper, through an ink-soaked ribbon, supported by a roller.  Sorry for the sidebar.  Back to the early printers.  The letters would be constructed in a chain design that would be aligned to attack the paper through an ink-soaked ribbon, supported by a roller.  These “letter chains” were very long and moved at a very high speed.  When the chains were coordinated to spell a word, a bar would hit the chain to make an impression on the paper.  When bored,  computer programmers would search for ways to create something that would be entertaining.  Believe it or not, there was a program written in such a way that when printed, the song, “Anchors Away” could be heard.  The product was not very musical and somewhat mechanical, but recognizable.  Aside from all that it was very loud as well.  

The marvel of the computer seems to be interesting due to the fact that in the early years the use of what was available would clear the path to the next step in the evolution of each component.  In just a few short years, what used to be installed in a large room, was equal to the power of a unit most people carry around and hold up to their ears.  



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