This could be: Reality?

There is a time that requires a total suspension of activity to allow all this to sink in.  As mentioned in earlier posts our discovery and use of Technology has progressed to the notion of new becomes the past, yet seconds into existence.  In the days of lesser and possibly controlled progress, the period of analysis of use and usefulness allowed for intellectual discrimination and societal evaluation by the means of using Common Sense.  There may be some reasoning behind the controlled progress due to a network of seasoned individuals that dictated behavior by the means of lofty positions (The Experts) of authority.  The technology was able to maintain the position of importance with The Experts keep a lid on use and abuse.  Somewhere, not too long ago, the technological advances began to escalate for no other reason than the young minds that were advancing the skills and understanding which led to Government intervention and regulation.  These young minds, without the true understanding of their craft, were feeling as though they were being hindered by the restrictions.  They were unaware of the impact of their desire for superiority would have on the future use of the newly found processes that they had introduced.

In looking at the progression of the Video Game industry we find that the advances have allowed real-time experiences without real-time consequences.  The fact that the experiences are not REAL and only seem to be real that the human brain begins to transform into an organ, not for thinking and reasoning, but an instrument of reaction to stimuli absent to an aspect to perceived damage.

We have made available to our children an environment to hone eye-hand coordination for efficient utilization of a powerful tool much like a chainsaw yet without the ability to make a physical mark.  Unlike the mark of a chainsaw, the wound to the human mind is hardly ever visible until the damage has set.

A parent in today’s World is somewhat clueless to the world that their children roam, with the bombardment of pressure to outdo their neighbor.  Today our children, as in the past, only want to please and satisfy their parents.  The parents as always have encouraged their child to excel in all that they do.  The parent of the future may not be equipt to understand nor guide their child back to responsibility, due to the peer pressure that they deal with in the process of growing up.

It may be time for the families of the future to be more involved and a part of the children they have been given in their charge.  The reinstatement of the Family Unit, with a firm Moral Compass for guidance, may be the key to the survival of Common Sense.

When was the last time you were aware of being a true Role Model for your child?

Where will you find the strength to return to utilizing of common sense?

This will be a check to the balances of whatever.


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