What three words?: The tie.

Life and the act of living is nothing more than a series of actions that may provide a sense of accomplishment.  With many instances, these accomplishments result in the actual realization of meeting a goal to an end.  There is a struggle which tends to dilute the strengths to utilizing planning and execution in any endeavor.  That struggle is the allowance of outside sources to derail the process for completion.  Experience has revealed three factors that may drive any successful process.  These are Purpose, Focus, and Opportunity.  Although these are quite different in definition and application, each is equal in importance to reaching the goal.  Is this such a radical statement to raise a little hair from the back of the neck?  Maybe so if you are not willing to explore the relationship between singular merits of the three and the universal interdependence each has on the other.  When one feels the need to assign a pecking order to the three, alphabetical order simplifies the process, but each will not rise to have a position of greater importance.

Is Purpose really that important?  Is Opportunity related to “Purpose”?  Could Focus become a factor with either of the two?

There is no intent to offer this opinion discussion as the answer nor the proper course to an application of the three, however, when the struggle enters your life, you may find some of the information offered to find the truth.



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