What three words?: FOCUS

How will we be able to progress without making the next step more complicated yet holding a concept to keep it simple?

Focus, may be a key to bonding the three concepts to together.  Holding distraction at bay has advantages to meeting the goal.  When the need for conviction, is paramount there seems to be a heightening of the senses with awareness of distractions.   Distractions become present through the entire sensory spectrum.  An odor, a flash of light, a flicker of a thought, a minute sound.  Anything that provokes thought gives credence turn away from the task at hand. 

VISUAL CONCEPT TO CLARITY:  Take the structure of as animals circulation system.  From a single source with massive volume and great pressure, one avenue appears, with minor points of distribution attached, as the one source continues to important points where splits of equal proportion continue.  Each split continues in a smaller size to maintain equal pressures to accommodate the volume.  This process continues to all parts of a body until the entire unit to provides life-sustaining liquid for survival.  (How long would it have taken Man to figure out this concept.  A tribute to The Creator.)

Using this design in reverse may put clarity on how Focus could be visualized and corraled for a single purpose.  By the way,  The Creator had provided the concept in the finish of the Circular System.  And we think of ourselves as the Ruler of the World.

As the Circular System is a physical system, Focus is purely a mental or thought centered process.  If Focus is important, one may attempt to exercise a thinking process that will facilitate the act.  Keeping in mind that an exercise needs to be practiced and developed into a natural act that will perpetuate the act.  An exercise is easy to design, yet difficult to maintain.  IT IS HARD WORK!  

  • Design:
  • Choose a word. 
  • Concentrate on the word. 
  • Other thoughts appear, reject and return to the word.
  • Repeat process.

Very simple.  There are may more complicated and astute processes that professional have devised, search for those.  Whatever is decided, KEEP IT SIMPLE.  Simplicity is key yet difficult.  The distractions that pop up, even during the composition of this post, bring about the fear that this is entirely wrong, out of date, useless, and damaging.  There is a tiny spark that says, ” Continue, let’ see if a faucet can be turned on.” 

Focus, with relationship to Purpose and Opportunity, may not be important, yet holding distractions at bay can make a difference.

Is Focus really that important?  Is Opportunity related to Focus?  Could Purpose become a factor with either of the two?


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