What Three Words?: Music Performance.

Is there a greater effect on all things when exposed to the act of performing Music?

All through my life, I have been obsessed with the “what is really going on here” question.  In my opinion, Music is one of the few if not the only experience that would affect all that would be present at a performance of Music.  Without exception, the physical experience would only be minimized by adding mental reactive qualities to similar activities.  By nature, a sound is nothing more than the exposure to vibrations of air molecules.  From the instant of existence to the collision with an obstacle, air molecules of varying degree emit and expand into an experience.  If not for the collision, the air would continue into infinity, or would it?  (another day)

The Music Manuscript is present, Musicians with various Musical instruments ready for a signal to begin the Vibration.  Almost instantly, the experience begins with the musician, in hearing the sound produced by their tool of expression.  At the exact same time, they received the sound from the other tools in the area.  Then and into the future the experience escalates into a Performance.  There is an inexpressible feeling, for lack of another definition, at the moment of performing the sound interpretation of a Musical score.  Few people have the fortune of the experience and fewer are really interested.  The performance aspect of music can be understood as being detached from the Music, yet is necessary to be present at the point of collision.


With progress, technology, and the expansion population, experience of a musical performance has taken on a few variations.  In keeping things more primal, the experience of early musical presentations would be better suited for this account.

Manuscript, Musicians, and Listeners provide the environment for the vibrational emission and collision experience.  Upon impact, the listener hears the combination of instruments’ vibration to be processed into an experience of Music.  A collision of the varied emissions is processed by the brain to become a sense of order and perhaps beauty.   Similtaniessly an equal collision occurs with the body of the listener.  This experience passes with little or no significance.  The effect of such an experience may be insignificant until given the attention.  As with all sound experiences, the presence of inanimate objects is a reminder to a thought of, “is there something going on here?”   Afterall these objects are the recipient of the collision.


The Manuscript is a map to refer to from the beginning which will guide all things to an end while offering an experience of Musical performance.  The Musician has the duty to provide the origin of an air vibration, which will end with a collision.  The Listener, coupled with all objects are positioned to receive and process the collisions.


The Manuscript by nature has explored many opportunities, developed them and found the best combination to meet the purpose of performance.  The Musicians are present to add the Human aspect to the experience by being human.  The effect of a poorly produced sound may change the vibration, not in sync with the other sounds.  The desire is not the intent, however, it’s presence at the point of collision provides a variation to purpose.

The greatest contribution is that attached to the Listener.  Being present at a performance of listening becomes much more intricate with a chance to experience other stimuli, sight, smell, touch, and thought.  “Being There” is what makes the difference between a happening and just something that happened.  Opportunity for the  Listener presents an ever-expanding experience different to other listeners, which provides differing interpretations.  Without a definition, each experience is property to each individual to hold to a memory.

Where will you find the experience, and tend to make a varied judgment based on a collision?  Could you participate in a performance and analyze the experience differently?



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