Where did all this come from?: Me Too.

This subject is very controversial, with many numbers of reasons for support or condemnation of whatever position any person, at any time, should hold.  The following is the ramblings of a person with many seasons and many opinions.  This is just one.  May you react in your own manner, confirm your own opinion, and share with a comment below.  

The question that seems not to be addressed is:

Where will Common Sense become the starting point for Change?

From the beginning of time, MAN has set up the rules.  The rules have been accepted over Centuries.  With many of the rules, “Common Sense”  has popped up to adjust the rule to accommodate the present into the future.  One may ask a question to “what is the difference between Common Sense and Morality”.  A simple explanation could be that Morality deals with the Soul and Commons Sense may act as a guide to understanding the difference.  The problem with the rules is that MAN has chosen to ignore Common Sense as a replacement to Desire.  The concept of Desire is a totally other matter, with not all to be addressed as a negative.  Desire is a topic for another day.

History has set up a few rules that have become the auger for acceptance of a norm.  History, coupled with the ignorance of Morality has allowed the abstract to become the norm.

You may ask: Is there a correlation between what is happening today, and the Rules?      or, Why is this becoming the center of our Culture?

Correlation:  The Rule is set and accepted.  Now using technology as the vehicle, many people find an attraction to fame and fortune, and to be noticed by the masses.  If there is an attempt to “Right” a “Wrong”, there is present, however, the notoriety that becomes the goal.  The popularity of any current event can be converted to Money as well as Fame.  Wow, “Me Too”.

Remember: This is not Judgement and just an opinion.

Culture:  Our culture, here in the United States, has been the victim of tampering by an ideology that believes that the individual can not be trusted with decisions of its own Life.  All that is happening and becomes information in just a few seconds now, has been happening from the beginning of Human existence.  The lack of technology has been the only control and therefore seemed to lessen the impact.

Daily, we are bombarded with information on any subject that can be imagined.  Where there seems to be ambiguity is how we wish to accept or present the topic.  The News Media has presented all the Bad stuff that a MAN has subjected a WOMAN to endure all sorts of Morally wrong and undesirable experiences.  All this within the guise of dictating what is Morally Right.  Yet on the Quiet side, on any given day, anyone can observe, WOMEN being objectified, by a MAN or another WOMAN, as entertainment.  The technology has simplified a deliberate act of commerce, into the exploration of Fantasy.

No matter where a person stands on the Subject of Morality, Common Sense and Choice are presented as presumed to not be a factor for acceptance.  Where our Culture has been compromised by forces of an ideology there should arise an awareness as to what is really happening.

There is always a path to Common Sense.  There is Choice to either ignore or accept the challenge.  The ball is in your court, ready to make the point.


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