Money, Wealth, Maybe not.

We live in times that seem eschewed with mixed meanings.  No, this is not one of those dissertations on “how great it use to be”, nor is this a complaint. 

Money has been a symbol of Wealth.  What would be your reaction to the idea that Wealth may be the complete opposite?  In earlier days, the medium of exchange would be a piece of Gold, Silver, or maybe even Lead.  The Currency had value in as much as someone was in control of the Coin and would trade the piece of Gold for some other item of use as a perceived representation of Wealth.  Value of any kind is the perception of need attached to objects.  ie, Knowledge is power if one possesses understanding.  The need for understanding is knowing the power.

For the last 40 or so years, the Currency of most if not all Governments is realized as the medium of exchange based on Debt.  For whatever reason, enough is not enough, therefore the printing press has become the primary source of providing the means of proving Monetary Strength  For lack of another term, “Debt is the purest form of Prosperity”.

If you were to consider History, any action concerning compensation for services, or goods, could be perceived as fulfilling a debt.  With that in mind, the very act of compensation may have been represented by the symbol of Wealth, disguised as Debt.  It seems to be that the deeper you pursue the concept the efforts become circular and that seems to be the premise of Nature.  Is there a possibility that our view to perceiving Wealth in regards to Power is not understanding but an act of Blind Faith.

We have chosen to live under some sort of Government rule which binds us to one another and to the Earth.  Each of those Governments exists by virtue that citizens have this Blind Faith in the Government.  The strength of any given Government is measured, not by the basis of assets, but by the Faith of its citizens.

Wealth and Money are perceived as a token of success yet we have reached that point by the belief that the debt has been paid.  This may not be the case and you will reveal the Truth.

If you were to evaluate your relationship with Wealth, would you be able, to be honest, enough to change your perception?

Money may be the representation of wealth and is not really having Money.

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