The thought of Fatherhood’s Birthday.

Today is Father’s Day, here in the United States.  The “days of distinction”, have been set up to induce spending Money as a token of Love and admiration.  Much like a Birthdays, which makes more sense, are set aside to allow a person to single out the one thing that should be honored each and every day.  The main thrust of such events is to put a value on that which is a mere action to warrant an acknowledgment.  In reality, a Birthday is the celebration of A Life, all other days are the remembering of an action that leads to the beginning of a life.

As there is a bit of cynicism here, please receive the message and definition without an opportunity to judge.  If there were better ways to explain this I would have put together a long wordy tome that provoked thought and ire.

Keep the thought alive that you are influenced by many people in your life.  For Girls,  your Father is your first Love.  For Boys, your Father is your guide on how to develop that Love.

As a Father who has made many mistakes can proudly say: My best act was choosing the Mother of my children.  Without her as a partner, my Fatherhood would have been meaningless.



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