AIR: Good, Bad, Needs to be Controlled?


This Earth is the result of Creation as the act of an unseen power that exists.  The purpose of this act of Creation is to allow all that inhabit space shall utilize, enjoy, contribute, and exhibit stewardship of this space.  This stewardship represents the usage of Truth, Facts and Empirical Data based on Truth.  And, it may be important to be aware of the difference between that which can be proven and not adjusted to provide an outcome, masked as Truth.    

As I am able to experience that which is known as knowledge and learning much has become muddled with the definitions.  I might as well surmise that much of what is being deemed as important seems to be changing as though all knowledge is made up and adjusted as needed to facilitate daily progress.  The use of the expressing “Green House Gas”  has been given a Bad Rap, due to what a computer defines.  The computer can be programmed to provide the results based on the information entered and may be adjusted to offer the answer desired.  That is just how simple our actions can be controlled and manipulated to accept information or misinformation.  “Gang Rule” may be the cause of the lack of Truth exhibited, to change behavior.

A few days ago Rush Limbaugh mentioned that Scientists have been exploring the existence of a device that would convert CO², Green House Gas, into a useful and beneficial product.  WHAT??.  Is there not a device that the Creator had created already?  The purpose of Plants, as dictated by the Creator, are to scrub the CO² of Carbon for use in the plant, to expel O² for use by all inhabitance using Oxygen.  In the event that you may be unaware all humans breath in Oxygen and expel Carbon Dioxide.  This same small action happens when any being of the Great Earth breathes in and breathes out. The existence of all beings is the result of an act of physical activity of introducing an egg, with the presence of a seed (Sperm), an act of Propagation. More Bodies equals more  CO².  More CO² equals more plant action equals more Oxygen production.  To date, there have not been many accounts addressing the lack of Oxygen due to the action of the of inhabitants.   

This is just one environmental premise that is not based on the factual processes that occur on this Earth.    If one would be interested in a more accurate theory of the Earth’s ever-changing reaction to all the influences, looking at the many years of records held by the North American Indian Tribes with regard to their daily experiences.  We can find use in trying to understand Sage Wisdom.       

There is no reason to visit the action of Water evaporating.  When evaporation and Climate reaction to the effect are explored, the facts may reveal the existence of Truth that is difficult dispute without adjusting the definition of the results.  

Could there be a lack of Faith in Our Creator providing an effort to allow existence?
Is the importance of what is natural, the place to refute the Physics of Nature? 


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