Do you really want to water the weeds?

This morning, as every morning I walked the dogs.  For a point of reference, they are Wombmates, and beyond a brief separation, remain very close to each other.  We take the same trek daily, but today there was a thought that popped up and I started to think.  Water.  Our neighborhood is, well, a quiet gated community with restrictions.  With restrictions, there is a cost.  With that comes individuals that seem to assume entitlements and stature.  Keeping a nice lawn is a prerequisite and that requires Water.  Now, looking at the lawns along the daily walk are varied from great looking to downright shabby.  Green is essential to appearance to a Lawn and not all greens are that of Grass.  As we walked past a yard and in looking closely, it was evident that a beautifully colored green weed had taken over a once lush grassy lawn.  Recalling the  past, my question “why so many weeds?”, revealed that there was a time when the neighbor did not water their grass.  In that period the weeds took over and became the lawn.

Using good drinking water on a lawn is not the best method, yet when there is not another method other than Nature, should seem like a good action to preserving the Lawn.  Believe me the notion that a good looking lawn is a premise that is vain yet has become that which we accept as normal.  What I have learned is that Weeds thrive with little or no water.  Their roots are shallow and steal all the moisture off the top, not to allow water to penetrate through the soil.  On the other hand, Grass may thrive with an abundance of water that penetrates deep into the soil.  Yes, the weeds do get theirs and some gorge themselves into destruction.  That allows ample amounts of water to reach the deep roots of the grass, (preferred) that the grass will overtake the weakened weeds.

Now that I have bored you completely with the analogy, may we explore the true meaning.  People are very much like plants, in that they have a purpose.  Many of those people choose their purpose, but others fulfill a purpose they have seen.  All at the same time seek to be watered.  The quality of water is not essential but may reflect as to what receives the attention.  The attention that there is a sense of right and truth can only be important in relation to the amount of water is available.  The people that seek the seen purpose receive water to survive.  Where the problem for those that see, are not recognized to be a factor of equality and are vilified by the those of chosen purpose.  We may find the amount of water may not be a factor, however, the source of water may be the answer.

One could surmise that unlike the water that is made available to all plants would make a difference, The Water from the Teaching of Jesus Christ could penetrate faster and deeper to allow the seen purpose, a path to recognition.

Where do you drink your water for knowledge?

Are you able to find it?

Do you want to find it?




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4 thoughts on “Do you really want to water the weeds?

  1. Not bored at all. An interesting post. Definitely food for thought. Its said what you water, will grow. Not too much of spiritual nourishment sadly nowadays. The foundations that are not solid allows rocky moments. We must all seek to conquer the divides of life by ensuring that we are rooted in spirituality… Its up to the parents to ensure that the root is taken when the children are young… That’s where the true health lies.

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    1. If this year’s garden is what you have been posting with your blog, I can only see how abundant and successful your harvest will be. Our Creator does the same with people. Where else could you turn a great crop?

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