Could this be? The Unexspecitable Truth.

I have been silent for a few days and not due to a thinking block.

When reality appears, the truth is you have to accept all that comes your way.  This may change your perspective, the way you comb your hair, the way you laugh that laugh.  When you are made aware of a life-changing event, the wheels begin to turn which ignites a bolt of lighting.  This bolt branches off to create a lot of stuff that needs to be addressed, consider and assessed as important or useful. 

Such is with the period of Silence.  As you tend to progress and age gracefully, the equipment begins to perform less and less efficient and fails to maintain life as you know it.  If there would be a bit of advice for all is to ‘be aware of changes’ For the most part Our Creator, has programmed us to “be aware”.  We often and regrettably ignore those signs and signals of the change going on.  It is extremely important for all of us to take the tour of our physical body and seek the changes.  I believe that all the things a Doctor can find, test and assess with regard to your health, you are equally able to find the value of awareness with regard to your health. 

Within the time-frame of a month, the signs of change have become apparent and the need of interventions by a professional will be required to extend an acceptable quality of Life.  Opportunity for this type of experience is valued beyond anything natural, as the outcome would sustain an ability for a future.

Where we seem to be the strongest is an area that reveals a weakness.  As that sinks in, take the tour and find the great new World of your inner workings.  You may be introduced to a new perspective that in the past remained hidden.  This will be a check to the balances of whatever.



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