7/13/18: Quick Questions/Dumb Observations.


  • Why would someone request free protection and at the same time pay their adversary to hold them hostage?
  • Why would one swear to uphold the Law use diversion and deceit to justify their position on blatant abuses to that Law?
  • Where is the Truth in taking a stand against a position of which you do not agree to use your position as a fundamental right that does not exist?
  • What would be the value to others in supporting actions that would eventually destroy your ability to express your opinion in the Future?

I woke up this morning with these premises floating around in my head with extreme randomness.  We took a little time to construct the questions relating to what is happening around us in the world.  The answers appear with such simplicity that one statement would shed a little light on the issues.


  • Immaturity, Jealacy, Selfishness, and associating with those who ascribe to and support similar traits.

With that out in the open, I believe that one should listen to the enemy for they will provide true understanding.  To accomplish this, they must be held closer than a friend.



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Photo: Google Images.com


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