Charles Krauthammer: A quiet Giant.

Charles Krauthammer may have been the strongest man in the World.  Each day for Charles was a challenge that of which many would have given up and quit.  He knew what it was to be in good health, only to have his later years filled with extreme challenges to function in daily life. Technology and invention were allies that many would only accept as their tie to convenience.  Charles survived knowing the value of Technology and invention.  He became “Whole” again having the advantage of what was available to him.  The fact is the success of Charles Krauthammer the Healthy Man, allow him utilization of those available resources.  In my opinion, we would have not ever known the Real Charles Krauthammer without them.  If anyone were to sum it up, “He had the desire to Live”.

Charles wrote opinions for the New York Post, one being “Obama’s self-revealing final act.”  The “Quiet Man” made a stand for what he felt was right.  To do the piece justice I have read it often, and am committed to re-read as it should become crucial to understanding the meaning of and the need for upholding the importance of the Founding of the United States of America.

For the future, there may be a need to search and read the writings of Charles Krauthammer, as a beacon leading to the path of The United States of America as we would like to perceive and preserve.



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