Weakness: A not so clear sign.

I am an American.  Before you start making judgments, try to hold it down and read a little further.  As I was reminded by our guide on a tour in Columbia, South America, he stated that he was an American too.  His testimony was as stern as mine would be.  I am an American of the United States of North America, and not that good looking either.  I am the Ugly American.  I will have to concede that our heritage is in its infancy with a comparison to the World.  The concept of Democracy related to the Representative Republic governing model has held a position of positive results with all aspects of Life.  Granted there are many who would differ with my assessment, they are fine with what they have to offer, as this is how the experiment was set up.

The United States of America has become an anomaly in the World by the perceptions held by other countries and of course as We wish to explain our existence.  In my opinion, the United States of America is a beacon reaching out to the World that all inhabitance are free and should not be enslaved by their own government or any other form of Rule.  Acceptance would be a way to explain this thought.  Not being in agreement with a concept, demands that the control of that concept is there is for your acceptance and not your control.

Each experiment with “Governing The People” have had to address the rights of the people.  These declarations were that of sovereignty is “to the Government”.  The concept of sovereignty with regard to The Constitution of The United States is that sovereignty is “to each person”.  The founders of these United States, in fleeing from a selfish government, set forth a series of documents in support of the individual citizen to be sovereign with the understanding that acceptance and agreement would be key to peace and harmony.  This acceptance would be spelled out in the Amendments to the Constitution which offered a definition of sovereignty for, by and to The People.

There must be some understanding of the destain for this concept.  Everyone has the right to not accept what would be perceived as Fair.  A Government wishing to dominate the Citizenry is working toward an end that would be against a premise of Nature.  Certain religious beliefs harbor, and protect “Life” with others recognizing those in agreement to a disregard for Life.

What does all this have to do with Weakness?  Nothing, unless you believe that trying to look at everyone to be as important you as weak.  Or trying to explain the fact that what is fair is a sign of Bullying.

You are the judge of what is in front of you.  Now is the time to act with Fairness and maybe a weakness.



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