Can you feel a change? Or Is it just indigestion?

We are living in a time when either you are happy with your surroundings or you loathe those with which you have to share space.  You vow to others that you would devote yourself to improving their lives or everyone has to accept your pain as the only answer to the future.  Our Faith is based on survival or survival is based on the Human Condition.  From the beginning of time “Man” has had his own opinion with regard to every aspect of Life.

Early Civilizations, even with differing concepts of right or wrong, have adopted a sense of compromise.  If one were to think about how things were in the beginning, you might what to perceive your neighborhood entirely inhabited by blood relatives.  Chances of seeing someone in another neighborhood could happen only by chance or have a need to settle a dispute.  One could even think that the neighborhood is the place of the Tribe.  The exchange of information between leaders must have been based on a tacit agreement that there was present, a force that was greater than what could be seen.

Now, to get to the feeling of change.  In earlier days of out evolution and progression, any notion of change developed over a period of years. As information was imparted the broadcast of facts was via written word or vocal recall.  The time factor allowed the opportunity for thought and reaction based on serious considerations.


Today the broadcast of information is almost instant.  In amazement, we use an internet connection on a visual “phone call”, a conversation spanning 3,000 miles that happens at the rate equal to being in the same room.  With the same conversation, which could be the connection between two cell phones, each moving within their own environment.  That change is almost impossible to comprehend.  Therefore we accept.  If one would want to devise a visual to explain the exchange of information, there may be stated in this fashion.   Action creates information, that is broadcast for a reaction that creates more information to promote alternative action to be broadcast back to the original action for extended reaction.  That may be indigestion.

When you experience the effects of change, how do you justify your position?  When your position is unacceptable, where do you find the strength to compromise for the good of others?



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Photo: John P. Wilson

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