Question: Continue or Not?

As we post this there is much to consider for further consideration in continuing.  The mind has not been in the game for a few weeks now due to future experiences which will require shrewd and confident actions on our part.  There is not one ounce of concern given to the outcome of the future.  Also, whatever there is in store to experience will be for the better and provide another chance to try to make it Right.  We began to Blog as a commitment to ourselves that we had something to contribute and like all things whatever you feel as unique is the same with about 40 Million others.

With that said, we will return or not.  In the meantime, Some questions have been pondered.  They are as follows

  1. Have we become so sophisticated that we need to consider everything as important?
  2. When would be a good time to have Our Creator to intervene with drastic actions?
  3. How important is there a need to find the truth and accept the consequences of the impact?
  4. How much money will it take to make any one person happy?
  5. What are the advantages for humanity to recognize less than 10 percent of the population to change moral justification?

As an exercise, and if desired, leave a comment with the sequence of impact each of these questions would have on your life, most important first to last being least important.


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