Is there a reason for that which when we do things?

The answer to the question.

Is there a reason?  I would say Yes.

I am here today to explain the lack of activity and also to share a little insight on Pick1solution.

On October 1 a scheduled procedure of replacing my Aorta Valve was planed, as the original was a little out of date and inefficient.  That is understandable 72 years of abuse will deplete the best of resources.

The prerequisite of a successful Medical procedure is to have the patient as healthy as possible.  A week prior to surgery an infection detected and it seemed to be there for an extended amount of time.  This is very pesky and persistent and is not checked with a quick regimen of  Antibiotics.  After two attempts to use the best medicine, the treatment began.  Testing prior to the surgery proved that we were not successful at stopping a colony of bacteria that had found a great home for residents.  The day of Surgery turned into a stay in ICU to utilize an injected Antibiotic for three days that should complete the eviction of the renters.  Taking three days of your life of doing nothing and waiting for results could be a waste of time.  I did just that in doing nothing, but I did work on my confidence in the surgical team and their talents and skills.

The need to adapt became very important as the team was able to re-schedule the Surgery. Now, on the 13th all had been done to move to the next step.  Not wanting to stay in the ICU, the decision was agreed upon to send me home for two days until surgery.  As with all good plans, there needs to be a glitch to raise the interest level.  The Glitch? I would have to wear a catheter and a leg bag and take a regimen of more Antibiotics.  Not a bad tradeoff for the opportunity to spend some time at home.

Well, not all goes well all the time and complications with the catheter arose and the need for a trip to the ER made for a nice opportunity to get back to “NORMAL”.

 At the time of this writing, there is a plan to have surgery on Monday the 15th bright and early.

This will create another period of absence for my participating in a Blog.  There is an upside to this.  From the information, I have gathered there is a dramatic change in the quality of Life, that which I am really looking forward to experiencing.

With all that in place, I only ask for your support to be equal to that which you gave me with my last post. Here I am!

What would be the action in doing something?  Anything that would meet a goal you are trying to attain.

Is the timing of actions important to proving the reason?  The order of actions would meet the means to an end.

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