Could this interest you? If not Delete. Technology drives the process, we drive to find meaning in the process.

This is a re-account of what I had experienced Waking up from Anesthesia.

When one is the subject of a surgical procedure, there is a notion of consternation coupled with confidence in the Staff working to meet their goal of making you well.  If you are aware with many Heart surgeries there is the need to be totally out to allow easy access to wherever they need to work.  Breaking open a chest is not an easy task, yet there is experience behind the process that this action is nothing short of routine.  When choosing a Surgeon, keep in mind you look for strength in not wanting to accept less than what is practical and explainable.  As I looked into the eyes of my Surgeon, I searched for that point where doubt resides in an attempt to find the compassion tied to “WE ARE GOING TO DO THIS”.  The day after an eight-hour procedure, they willed me to join them into the World of the living.  At exactly the same time my mind was observing a grid of about 80 to 90 rectangles of a baby blue hue, with black spots.  The observation The Dream was retained to be of a source of information as to each place I had a Tube attached and performing a service to my body.  The question was in me and had been shared with very few individuals.  I did not what anyone to think that I had not been too deep in Hallucinations.  Those whom I had shared the experience the oddest reaction I remember was my Eldest Son’s response, Hmmm, OK Dad.  To bring a point of reference I remember being able to revisit the “Grid”, with eyes closed, and have a clear block of “blue”, at the top and center of the grid, after the extraction of the breathing tube the second day following the procedure.  With each extraction of each tube or wire, the corresponding blue block was clear of black in the area that represented a point of the body.  The point of understanding for a reader of this is to be aware that there were not any other drugs present with the dream of the grid.

How to scare a dedicated Nurse.

On another occasion, (a couple of days later), I decided to venture into a DEEP Sleep.  The dream was on top a hill at a Golf Course.  Upon awakening, I was running to alert someone about something.  Kisha, my Nurse worked very hard to wake me up.  When I finally did come to, she informed me of her concern and worry that I would not wake up.  I had begun to shake and had erratic breathing, (long period of no breathing).  The alarms were in full bloom and not giving off good vibes.  Kisha informed me that I was not responding and shaking at which time her experience struck the fear of the worst.  I could only apologize for giving her a scare.  Each time that I was in her care, the compassion and concern were present in each encounter with me brought her professionalism to the front, and proceeded to the next step toward progress.  When in ICU, there is only room for those with experience.  Those with the experience allows them to make a decision quickly and without regret.  There is a great LOVE in my Being toward those who care for people recovering from Surgery.



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6 thoughts on “Could this interest you? If not Delete. Technology drives the process, we drive to find meaning in the process.

  1. As a wife of a member of The Zipper Club, I recall my awe in his surgeon holding his heart in his hand after “disconnecting “ the bad valves. Yes, only room for professional staff. Good post, John. So glad to know you’re on the mend and sharing.

    God bless you .🙏


  2. Hello John, I’m happy to read this update and learn a little bit about what you have been through. It seems to have been quite the ordeal and there is a bit of relief knowing the medical staff you encountered were both compassionate and skilled. Still sending healing vibes your way, please continue to take good care of yourself!


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