If you wish to believe, would you be interested in a live account?

“Thank you for your service.”

I myself am, Proud to be an American.  I am humbled by hearing these words.  I am not as satisfied with my service, as much as being able to have the benefit of Quality Health Care.  As I have an opportunity to use any of the services of the VA Medical Services, the thought could bring on many different possibilities of either positive or negative.  If by chance I could have a negative thought it would be in the area of communication.  When you leave the comfort of your Primary Care Provider (PCP) you are passed off the each and next process one at a time and sometimes your knowledge is received with a phone call and upcoming Appointment.  There is nothing negative in this process, other than not having an idea of “What the hell is going on?”.

The first day, a day of surgery you expect to meet someone you know from a previous visit but you are there in a familiar setting with a brand new person to ask you the same personal questions.  You are received stripped down and they begin sticking needles and ports in your Arm and Wrists.  As being prepped and pampered, you have no idea what is yet to come.  As the time to leave your prep room and proceed to the Operating Room.

The trip is about six minutes and an elevator ride.  Entering the room it seems to be pretty comfortable yet something just does not seem right.  The room is very bright and there about five to six people.  I do not think that the Surgical team was there, or at least my Doctor, Dr. Mary Huerter, was present.  As I lay there talking to the group, all went blank until all was complete.

While in a conscious state and able to converse with the many people that are in charge of your comfort, safety, and Life, their final words to you are,

“Thank you for your service.”

With that, all negative aspects of the trip seem to have little or no meaning and seem to be forgotten and accepted as part of the entire experience.


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