Are you ready to be Aggravated? or Could this be what you think about and not comfortable to discuss?

First, about me.  I am well seasoned and considered a misogynist. The fact is that I am not sure. I have a very open mind to that which I am exposed with an attempt to view all sides and include the dictates our culture avails.  


We are bombarded daily with the facts that Men tend to objectify Women.  I agree that this could be a fact based on how we are equally bombarded with an image of Women that seem to make them an object.  One aspect of the premise is that the message is being observed by Everyone.  This is not excluding our children and the young Boys that are, by nature, very interested in the subject of the Female.


Some avenues that promote the notion that Women are objects of a very narrow scope are a daily diet of advertising, News Media, and every book that has ever been written.  The internet is the most used and popular source of a burden to fact.  Now, at this point, there are minds that want to argue and dispute this and by all rights, there is a platform of righteousness that will support the opposition.  However, a decerning mind may opt out to continuing the thread and wait for any deeper thought to accusations.  The concept of Beauty is a driver for perpetuating the notion of a desire to objectify Women. One only has to go to the Holy Bible to understand how deeply set this notion and it”s  holds Mankind and especially Men.  Many references to a Young man in his prowess to find a mate, Fathers would warn their sons not to visit Moab, because, the Women were considered to be more desirable than the Women of their own Tribes.  As at one time being a son myself, totally understand and went against my Father’s guidance.  In the Bible one Book, and a story of strong ties to the strength of Love and how to overcome adversity and pressure of the time.  If one would take the time to Study the Book of Ruth, true understanding of a notion to Objectivity may be the auger of awareness.  To take the time to read the Holy Bible, many would learn much about the past as well as the present, with a fondness to the future.  Most difficulties with the Bible is to strive to find the lesson as opposed to the objective of the preacher.  As this had begun as a one, quick post to provoke, the “on the fly” mind has added a few side streets of the Avenue of thought.  That seems to be the truth about any process of thought and presentation.  We will pick up on the next piece for the future and see how many related thoughts we can add. 

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