Continuing, More of what you think about and not comfortable to discuss?

The first two posts were just to bring out the possibilities of where this may have begun to evolve to where we are today.  Although there are many deep-seated precepts that have allowed the process of objectifying Women the hold on society that exists now and into the future.  There seems to be a wave of events that could bring about a series of cultural redirections.  In the past few years, many changes have appeared to spur new direction and (not to be redundant) put the importance of a solid Moral Compass. 

This is what is accepted as normal and should not have been allowed to reach the point of being a part of our Culture.  Many Fathers’ advised their sons not to bring home a Moabite Woman.  This was due to perceptions of the women of Moab were accepted as having a natural beauty with the means of embellishing their traits with many means of enhancement and mannerisms.  The advice, in many cases, were never heeded by the young men as they would marry these Moabite treasures.  

The story of Ruth is one of unconditional love, that would be the basis of the story,  yet there was another premise of culture where love that same love would be used to facilitate a need to hold that which would be Right and Just.  When reading the Book and holding to the meanings of Old language understanding, one can surmise the facts of how Women can use objectivity for means of Justice.  Take the time to read the Book of Ruth from The Holy Bible, and search for the cryptic facts for what is a meaning.  The attempt to understand may allow you to find many of the other lessons that could clear up an attempt to understanding and relevance.  

Would there be a problem for a moment of bluntness with this subject?  There is the bad and obvious side of this subject that keeps a Bur under the saddle and bears the need for exposure.  The following is not a judgment to the inevitable, yet has a presence hidden.  

If one was to perceive a problem that would require taking notice, that would be in the area of pornography.  There are, available, many avenues the allow a visual experience.  The varied areas of interest are vast and can encompass an entire World of subjects and human conditions.   With the advent of the internet, the access of any subject or any item that piques interest can be located with ease.  That in itself provides hours of searching and viewing the women that allow themselves to act out any such fantasy.  To make a judgment on this activity of either viewing or performing would not be the position of honor.  This is the choice of one that is the viewer or performer. 

The nude human form is a beautiful sight for many.  There is no shame in enjoying this in any medium that is available. 

In advertising for products that are marketed for women, whether for beauty or “whatever” presents the subject in, a somewhat provocative state.  The goal is to allow the observer, if female, to feel that “this could be me”.  This may not be the case, however, that is the intent.  If a woman is in the field of Modeling or Acting, they need to position themselves to be comfortable with being objectified for whatever purpose.  To submit themselves to the industry and not take that into consideration they may find a world that does not deal with the realm of reality.   

There is no need to take this idea any further without creating a multitude of avenues that require definition and clarity. 

Consider this:  If you find this offensive, well maybe it was meant that way.  If there is a feeling of agreement, this may be worthy of more discussion.  If you begin to wonder if you have doubts. There may be an opening for your not being so uncomfortable.


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