A weekend with three, talented and Right Minded people. Why Should you feel good about yourself? 3 of 3; Who wants to be an Olive?

The third of the talented people is a challenge to get right.  How can you capture the true Michael Goddard?  Having been in his presence a few times I really do have a great deal of Love for he, his beautiful wife, and his Artistic Works.  If you have ever seen a picture of a famous person that appears as an Olive then you have seen a Goddard.  Much of his works convey his slant on life, with a little whimsical twist.  When he is introduced to a group he will appear with a lot of Hype and soon will pull you into his world.  It is not out of the ordinary for him while talking about his art, to take a phone call from someone who is down to earth, then he will carry on a conversation as if he were alone.  His intro-line reflects that he ‘puts on his eyeliner just like you ladies’.  Yes, you heard it right.  His view of the World is transferred to the canvas or whatever the medium he chooses.  Michael makes a room light up and you have no better choice than to fall in love with his work.  There is something about living in Los Vegas that allows friendships with people like Carrot Top, Ozzie, and Sharon Osborne and any headliner entertainers on the scene.

Where Michael has a hidden light that would not show until he offers, is his ability to raise funding for St Judes Hospital.  The fact is that He and Sharon Osbourne raise more funding for St Judes than any other individuals.  The hidden light is due to Michael’s Daughter, suffering from Brain Cancer, had passed away in her battle for survival.  The low time of his life was dedicating his life to her with little efforts toward his profession.  Michael is very sporadic, with his giving.  It is not uncommon for him to come up with a plan that would not be profitable for him to help out with a cause greater than he.  His Philanthropic efforts are far beyond most of our abilities to perceive.  His efforts towards St Judes may equal in the area of Hundreds of Millions of Dollars.  At one event.  Michael’s work ethic alone is far more outreaching than most groups of people.  Michael, as well as most of the Artist in his circle, find that there is more to be gotten by giving to those who are in need.  Whenever Michael speaks he mentions the four words no parent wants to hear, “Your child has Cancer”.

Being able to spend time with Michael is a great honor.  At our last time together, he came up to me, knowing that my relationship status had not changed and said, “You seem to be upgrading”, and with that, I agreed with him and we all had a big hug.

This weekend that we spent with the three beautiful people that give of themselves is what keeps me humble.  If you were one who gave, would there be anyone to recognize this trait?  When you are in the company with a giving person, is there a little bit of you to be shared.


Photo: Google Images.



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