Are you ready to be bored to tears? Continue reading to be surprised.

  Today we had a Maranatha


To offer a little history,: Back on October 15, 2018, I underwent a surgery to replace my Aorta Valve, commonly known as an AVR. The actual event is full of many different experiences that you would not even think existed. There are two procedures that are quite different. The more invasive, with less recovery called TAVR (Transcatheter Aorta Valve Replacement.) This procedure is performed by using vain either via the arm or Groin area, to access the chambers of your Heart. The more common or traditional procedure is to gain access via the Open Heart Method. This will entail the splitting of the Sternum, spreading the area for access to the Heart. Then closing the area using wire. Using the word “spreading” means, really opening up the chest area. When in recovery you feel the effects of having your chest opened up. The shoulders are positioned in such a manner that you know that you have been in a somewhat awkward position for an extended period of time. This is worth mentioning as If, by chance you need to have this procedure performed, it may be nice to have a little heads up on what to expect. 

This is not an opportunity to scare you into considering not to have a procedure performed, as much as you need to be aware that there are a number of Healthcare professionals that have been involved in the decision-making process.  If there is a process that helps you get through the ordeal, is having a mantra to ease your mind.  My Mantra was: “All of this will only be temporary”.  

How does this put things into perspective?

  • The first thing: is to be aware that I am not an expert on the subject, however, there is a slight advantage for “being there”. 
  • If by chance: you have had a similar experience there may be a bit of relating to what you read. 
  • Yet,: if you have a chance to wear these shoes you may gain some insight and ease any fear of the experience to accept the facts of what is happening.
  • Finding the road: to continued Health and progress in maintaining a lifestyle you wish to experience, the hard work will appear.  The fact that your recovery time had taken its toll on your strength and stamina.

Where there may be doubts and you begin to question this information, you may want to consider the act of working on your Health, as a means of extending the need for an action where surgery is the last resort. 

The last resort I visited was great, and I am looking to revisit one more time. 


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